The Last Trumpet Years

The Sabbath Millennium

Written 7-30-2003
Updated November 9, 2017

by DJ. Love, Bnei HaMashalim

When will The Messiah return to establish YHVH's Kingdom on Earth?

The Bible today is a fairly accurate record of YHVH's infallible words, and it provides mankind in general with their only record of history relevant to a few becoming "Righteousness Seekers". Since this website abounds with instruction as to the significance of YHVH's "Holy Sabbaths, I will not expound on them again, but I will reiterate the one main theme behind their significance. YHVH has been trying to tell mankind ever since Adam (first physically perfected man) that He not only designs, and creates around "The Sabbath", but YHVH expects us to do so too. Why? Because the weekly and annual Sabbaths are not only Holy Convocations, but they are, also, memorial lessons designed to teach YHVH's Chosen few the "Complete Plan of Salvation" (The Logos). This includes the final (Spiritual) phase of that plan (The Coming Sabbath Millennium) which has already begun. And now mankind is currently waiting for the fulfillment of "The Seven Trumps" (symbolized in Yom Teruah) to announces the return of "The Second Adam" (Messiah or First Spiritually perfected man at start of The Millennial Yom Kippur) to the Earth to once again establish YHVH's Kingdom (Paradise on Earth during The Millennial Sukkot) on the Earth.
Prior to Adam, the previous millenniums were referred to as "The Days of Creation" but those were not seven literal days, for YHVH's Days are as "A Thousand Years" each
(a figure of speech). This is a standard symbolic day to millennium parallel. Additionally, YHVH does not change YHVH's symbolism; to believe this would be tantamount to believing that YHVH is unstable and not dependable, which YHVH is not. YHVH has no variableness; not even the slightest indication (shadow) of it. Therefore, YHVH is the same and YHVH's methods are the same both today, as it was yesterday.

James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

The Messiah, himself, who Righteously modeled himself after THE FATHER (YHVH), is an obvious Spiritual mirror (as we must, also, be) of that exact Righteous sameness. "Like A Rock!"

Hebrews 13:8
Messiah, the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

So how does the Seventh Day and the Annual Sabbaths explain when "The Messiah" will return? Simple, "The
Current Cycle Of Seven Millenniums" (which began after Adam and Eve were judged for their sin) ended with the beginning of "The Millennial Sabbath" and now we await the next "Paradise On Earth" (The Coming Kingdom).

YHVH stated it all through Moche [Moses] in the 'Book of Genesis', concerning the foundation (The Logos, a.k.a The Plan of Salvation), and then YHVH created the physical universe in six days  (not 24 hour days), and YHVH then rested(arrested all active creation and planning) on that Seventh Day. However, Adam and Eve lived during and in the"Paradise On Earth" (the Garden of Eden) phase under The Eternal's watchful eye at the one hundred year end of the previous millennial Sabbath of Rest; symbolized by the eighth day of Sukkot ( The Last Great Day of Succoth). It was during this period of time that Eve and then Adam sinned (chose to become SELF-serving) against YHVH, and it was with this "Initial Sinthat darkness (unrighteousness and Human Nature) began to return to The Earth; But it wasn't until after Adam and Eve's Judgment that another six millenniums  (six thousand years) of Spiritual Creation  (development) was initiated, which will, also, end during The Current Millennial Sabbath and the ultimate return of "Paradise On Earth" (Coming Kingdom of YHVH on Earth).

Please note that I am not prophesying.
I am interpreting Prophecy and Scripture.

So was the First Seven Days of Physical Creation undefined?

Maybe not!

2Peter 3:8
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the
(reliable) YHVH as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Total Millenniums? At least fourteen, and not seven? At least two full cycles of seven millenniums each will come to pass. Moreover, this may be an ongoing cyclic event forever.

Mankind was created with the sole purpose of ultimately becoming YHVH's Children
(elohim, family, spiritual images of YHVH), but becoming an immortal Spiritual child of YHVH is, also, a two phase physical cycle to Spiritual cycle process. First, we are created physical and mortal, and then those who do receive YHVH's Holy Spirit(Righteousness Seeking Character or Nature of  YHVH) will be "Raised Up Spiritual" (immortal) at Messiah's Second Coming. In other words, the physical and Spiritual development of both "Individual Man" and "Mankind" MIRROR each other as another one of The Eternal's  many "Physical to Spiritual Parallels;" which work just exactly like a "Parable".

So, how many years has it been since The First Adam(physically perfected man) came into the world? The Exact number of years is not specifically stated, but YHVH did provide those that Seek Him with enough information to calculate the approximate date of when the "Next Seven Millenniums" would begin, and indeed have already begun. However, IF the "Next Seven Millenniums", which are paralleled and reflected in the Hebrew Holy Days of The Sacred Calendar, are a reliable  (stable) clue, then the previous Sabbath Millennium, also, had a 100 Year period near its end (relative to "The Last Great Day" of Sukkot) when "Adam & Eve" (source of mankind) were (was) judged and cast out of "Paradise On Earth". This would help explain the reason why Messiah is called "The Second Adam." The First Adam" was physical (with a worldly mind-set), and "The Second Adam" (Messiah) was Spiritual (A Righteousness Seeking mind-set).

1Corinthians 15:45
And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul
(physical); the last Adam(Messiah YahShua) was made a quickening spirit (spiritual mind-set) by his example.

Another, observation is that "The First Adam"
(physically perfected natural man) was judged already and cast out of Paradise, while "The Second Adam" (Spiritually perfected man) will be the judge; and both judgment periods were designed to occur at the end of their respective Sabbath Millenniums (Paradise on Earth) after 100 years of Satan (symbolic source of human nature or SELF) being released to influence the nations prior to The Great White Throne Judgment(s).

Revelation 20:3
And cast it
(Satan or Source of Human Nature) into the (symbolic) bottomless pit, and shut it up, and set a seal upon it, that it should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years (Sabbath Millennium or Paradise on Earth) should be fulfilled: and after that it must be loosed a little season (a hundred years).

Isaiah 65:20 There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed.

This means that
Adam symbolically and biologically represents not just a physically "Perfected Man" or mankind, but also, the beginning point in time of "The Spiritually Aware Man" with the mental ability to distinguish righteousness (Good) from unrighteousness (Evil). In other words, at some point in time after Adam's formation is the starting point for the Spiritual Second "Seven Millennial Phase" of the Creation of elohim  (Spiritual Children of YHVH). This is just another one of the many of YHVH's miraculous physical to Spiritual parallels with the physical first 7000 year development cycle of creation being mirrored by the Spiritual second 7000 year development cycle or phase of creation. So where are we now within that second 7000 year cycle or phase of creation, and how close are we to the second "Paradise" (Sabbath Millennium) on Earth?

Let the reader prayerfully consider the awesome conclusion to which this article arrives ....... that the Messiah's return is very near and that Time is very short indeed.

 Please Note: On the following charts Red indicates the years since Adam's(mankind's) Judgment and mankind gained the mental power to discern "Good From Evil". It is the ability to discern "Good From Evil" that marks the beginning of the second 7,000 years cycle and not the physical forming of Adam (intelligent man). Therefore the timing of the 7,000 year cycles hinge on cycles of darkness(unrighteousness) and of Light(righteousness). This has the potential to make "Adam the Man" as much as 2000 years old at the time that sin entered the world, but this is not a possibility as Adam is stated to have died at the age of 930 (see chart below). Therefore, Adam could not have been the very first manlike creature created in Genesis 1:24-31, but Adam could easily have been the very first physically perfected "Intelligent Man" created, and capable of being "SELF-aware", knowing good and evil, and committing the sin of "Self".

It is impossible for the generations from Adam through Messiah to have occurred during The First Five thousand years [days] of Creation [first phase or cycle], because mankind in general was not created until the sixth millennium
(Sixth Day of Creation) of the first seven thousand years [first phase or cycle] of Creation. Therefore there must be a "Second Cycle" of seven millenniums. Modern man has erroneously based the Anno Mundi Year calculations on the false belief that Adam was created at the beginning of our current (last) cycle of Seven millenniums, but mankind should have realized through the understanding imparted by The Sabbath Day (Seven Day Cycles of  YHVH) that that was an impossibility; but mankind has ignored YHVH's Sabbaths. Regardless, it was through the understanding imparted by YHVH's physical to Spiritual "Parallels" that we (TSJ) became even more sure of our findings, when they mathematically supported the genealogies of "The Hebrew Text" (as stated) over (and above) the two currently altered Septuagints, and the altered Samaritan Pentateuch. Additionally, the accuracy of the unaltered Hebrew Text computations reinforces our understanding of Isaiah 65:20, which is a physical (millennial) to Spiritual (millennial) parallel (mirrored image).

Isaiah 65:20 There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed.

What follows is a brief chronological record in A.M. (
anno mundi) years; which erroneously means 'The Year of the World' or  'The Beginning of the World'. It is very important that we realize that none of these patriarchs, prior to Noah, were alive at the time of "The Great Flood", thus the "Anno Mundi Year at Death Column" on the far right for each patriarch. Only Noah  (and family) should have lived beyond 1556 A.M.; The Year of "The Great Flood". However, out of all the other Patriarchs Methuselah lived right up to the beginning of "The Great Flood". Could it bethat The Eternal Father in His great love of Methuselah would not cause the waters to come upon the Earth until after Methuselah's natural death? I think so! Not one Patriarch was destroyed and Enoch was "Translated" (quote) "So that he would not see death".

A Math check that you can make is that when you add the middle column Anno Mundi and BCE Year of occurrence together it should always equal 3900.

(Pre-Flood) Patriarchs
Anno Mundi
Hebrew Text
Anno Mundi
and BCE
Anno Mundi
Year at
Genesis 1:27
Adam formed 100 years prior to the end of The Seventh Millennium, and at 100 is judged, and cast out of Paradise. Darkness or Sin once again enters the world.
He was 930 at death.
100 =
-100 A.M.

4000 BCE
830 A.M.
Genesis 2:1-3
First 7,000 year cycle completed. Second 7,000 year cycle begins in sin.
0 =
0 A.M.

3900 BCE
Genesis 5:3
Seth was born when Adam was 130. He was 912 at death.
-100 + 130 = + 30
30 A.M.

3870 BCE
942 A.M.
Genesis 5:6
Enos was born when Seth was 105. He was 905 at death
30 + 105 =
135 A.M.

3765 BCE
1040 A.M.
Genesis 5:9
Cainan was born when Enos was 90. He was 910 at death.
135 + 90 =
225 A.M.

3675 BCE
1135 A.M.
Genesis 5:12
Mahalaleel born when Cainan was 70. He was 895 at death.
225 + 70 =
295 A.M.

3605 BCE
1190 A.M.
Genesis 5:15
Jared born when Mahalaleel was 65. He was 962 at death.
295 + 65 =
360 A.M.

3540 BCE
1322 A.M.
Genesis 5:18
Enoch born when Jared was 162. He was taken by YHVH at 365 years of age.
360 + 162 =
522 A.M.

3378 BCE
887 A.M.
He was taken
Genesis 5:21
Methuselah born when Enoch was 65; and lived 969 yrs to the flood in 1556 A.M.
522 + 65 =
587 A.M.

3313 BCE
1556 A.M.
Genesis 5:25
Lamech born when Methuselah was 187. He was 777 at death.
587 + 187 =
774 A.M.

3126 BCE
1551 A.M.
Genesis 5:28
Noah born when Lamech was 182. He lived through the flood. He was 950 at death.
774 + 182 =
956 A.M.

2944 BCE
1906 A.M.
Genesis 7:11
The Flood came when Noah was 600;
Year Of Great Flood
956 + 600 =
1556 A.M.

2344 BCE
Notice: The two Septuagints and The Samaritan Pentateuch translators thought it was necessary to alter the Hebrew Text in order to keep the ages of Noah's ancestors (especially Methuselah) from exceeding the year of the flood, but as we have shown, the Hebrew Text is correct. This further substantiates our claim that Adam was 100 years old when he and Eve sinned and were judged and cast out of Eden (Paradise on Earth) during the first Sabbath Millennium (seventh 1000 year period).

Ante Deluvian Chart Summary:

Pre-flood Years (
average) = 1656 yrs. since The First Adam (Physically Perfected Man) was formed. Please take care to understand that Adam's formation was made manifest by a preprogrammed physical creation process, that was already set into motion by YHVH, during the sixth millennium. However, (Physically Perfected) Adam's formation didn't actually occur until 100 prior to the beginning of The Eighth Millennium. When you add this 100 years with the 1556 AM years (from the beginning of the eighth millennium) unto The Great Flood in 1556 A.M. , you get a TOTAL OF 1656 YEARS from the formation of Adam until The Great Flood in 1556 A.M. .

More Computations: The far right chart column will now record the TOTAL Years since the forming of "The First Adam" (First Physically Perfected Man).

(Post-Flood) Patriarchs
"Self-aware" genealogy of the first Adam
to Messiah
(The Second Adam).
Anno Mundi
Hebrew Text
Anno Mundi
and BCE
Years since Adam formed.
A.M. +100
Genesis 11:10
Arphazad born 2 yrs after flood. He was 438 at death.
1558 A.M.

2342 BCE
= 1658
Genesis 11:12
Salah born when Arphazad was 35. He was 433 at death.
1593 A.M.

2307 BCE
Genesis 11:14
Eber born when Salah was 30. He was 464 at death.
1623 A.M.

2277 BCE
Genesis 11:16
Peleg born when Eber was 34. He was 239 at death.
1657 A.M.

2243 BCE
Genesis 11:18
Reu born when Peleg was 30. He was 239 at death.
1687 A.M.

2213 BCE
Genesis 11:20
Serug born when Reu was 32. He was 230 at death.
1719 A.M.

2181 BCE
Genesis 11:22
Nahor born when Serug was 30. He was 148 at death.
1749 A.M.

2151 BCE
Genesis 11:24
Terah born when Nahor was 29. He was 205 at death.
1778 A.M.

2122 BCE
Genesis 11:26
Abram born when Terah was 130 See Note
1908 A.M.

1992 BCE
Genesis 21:5
Isaac born when Abraham was 100
2008 A.M.

1892 BCE
Genesis 25:26
Jacob (Israel the man) born when Isaac was 60
2068 A.M.

1832 BCE
Gen. 34:27-29
Isaac dies at 180, therefore Jacob (Israel the man) was 120.
2188 A.M.

1712 BCE
In Genesis 11:32 Abraham (Abram) was the youngest son of Terah (who died in Haran aged 205, in year 1983 A.M.).
In Genesis 12:4 we learn that at that time
(1983 Anno Mundi) Abraham was 75 years old. In other words Abraham was born when his father (Terah) was 130 years old. (205 minus 75 =130). Therefore Abraham was born in year 1908A.M. (1983-75= 1908), which is Terah's birth year (1778A.M.) plus 130
Genesis 37:1-2
Genesis 37:28
Joseph was 17 when sold into slavery, and taken into Egypt. 13+7+2=22 years prior to Jacob (Israel) entering Egypt 2198 A.M..
2198 - 22=
2176 A.M.

1724 BCE
Genesis 41:46
Gen. 41:25-46
Joseph in charge over all Egypt at age 30,
which was 7 yrs prior to the famine in 2196 A.M. Probably under Pharaoh Ahmoses.
2196 - 7=
2189 A.M.
JOSEPH is 30
1711 BCE
Genesis 45:11

The famine began 2 years prior to Jacob's entry in 2198. Joseph meets his brothers with 5 more years of the 7 year famine to go.
2198 - 2=

2196 A.M.
1704 BCE
Genesis 47:11
The "Land of Rameses" is only a reference to a city in Egypt, and not the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh was probably Ahmoses.
Genesis 47:9

Jacob entered Egypt at the age of 130.
Which is 10 years after Isaac's death in 2188 A.M., and 2 years after the famine began.
2198 A.M.
1702 BCE
Genesis 45:11
Famine Ends seven years after it began in 2196 A.M.
2203 A.M.
1697 BCE
Gen. 47:28-29
Genesis 50:1-2
Jacob (Israel the man) dies 147 yrs old after entering Egypt in 2198 A.M.; 2 yrs after the famine began he stayed 17 years in Egypt.
See: Genesis 45:11
2215 A.M.
1685 BCE
Gen. 50:22-26
Joseph dies at the age of 110 yrs.
93 yrs. after being sold into slavery in 2176 A.M.
2269 A.M.

1631 BCE
The chronology and genealogy of Jacob (Israel the man) was only traced to show the time period of the historic transition that began seventeen years prior to his death in 2198 A.M. (1702 BCE) to Israel (the Nation), and the synchronous Egyptian time period. This I felt was necessary to help resolve the widely disputed Egyptian time frame and the influence of the inaccurate Hollywood movie "The Ten Commandments."

The city of Rameses is of course famous because it was here that the early Israelites settled as they sojourned in Egypt and here also that they were enslaved. However, Rameses was not the original name for the city built by the Israelites. The city of Pi Rameses was indeed built by the 19th Dynasty ruler Ramesses II
(the Great), but below itan Austrian team uncovered a much older city called Avaris, which was the actual city built by the Israelite slave labor long before any pharaoh named Ramesses (Ramses) had ever reigned. In other words, the Israelites did not build the pyramids, but they did build the ancient city of Avaris, which was later known by the new name of Rameses

Thus the transition from
Israel the man entering Egypt to Israel the nation leaving Egypt took place in Egypt from 2198 A.M. to 2413 A.M. or 1702 BCE to 1487 BCE. (215 years) and the "Exodus" appears to have taken place under the reign of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutmoses.

Post Deluvian Chart Summary:

The Year of "The Great Flood" was 1556 A.M. or 2344 BCE.
(Abraham) was born in 1908 A.M. or 1992 BCE.

Patriarchs and / or Events
Anno Mundi
Hebrew Text
Anno Mundi
and BCE
Years since Adam formed.
A.M. +100
Genesis 12:1-4
Abraham was called at the age of 75. He was born 1908 A.M.
See Abram born date in above chart.
1908 A.M. +75 =
1983 A.M.

1917 BCE
Genesis 47:9
Jacob entered Egypt at the age of 130 or 215 years after Abraham's call. Then Jacob (Israel the Nation) remained another 215 years.
(215 +215) =
2198 A.M.

1702 BCE
Exodus 12:40
The Exodus occurred 430 years after Abraham's call.
1983+430 =
2413 A.M.
1487 BCE
Exodus 7:7
Moses was 80 at the time of the Exodus. The Pharaoh at this time was probably Tutmoses. It is easy to see where Moses got his name.
2413 A.M.
1487 BCE
Deut. 34:7
Moses died at 120 years, 40 years after the Exodus and just before Israel entered the symbolic Promised Land.
2413+40 =
2453 A.M.

1447 BCE
1 Kings 6:1
Solomon's Temple Building operations started 480 years after Exodus.
2413+480 =
2893 A.M.

1007 BCE
1 Kings 6:37
1 Kings 6:38
Solomon's Temple
after 7 years.
2893+7 =
2900 A.M.

1000 BCE
1 Kings 6:37
1 Kings 6:38
Solomon's Temple and Jerusalem destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar II for the final time prior to Herod rebuilding his version of it.
2900+374 =
3274 A.M.

626 BCE

Note: I find it absolutely awesome that Solomon's Physical Temple to YHVH, would be exactly halfway between the 6000 years (3000 years since First Adam formed) to The (not to distant) Future Return of Messiah(The Second Adam) and "The Spiritual Temple" (New Jerusalem) descending from the clouds to Earth.

1Corinthians 3:17
If any man defile the temple of YHVH, him shall YHVH destroy; for the temple of YHVH is Holy,
which Temple You Are.

Revelation 21:10
And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the Holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven
(clouds) from YHVH,
11 Having the glory of YHVH: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;

Revelation 3:12
Him that overcometh (unrighteousness) will I make a pillar in the temple of my GOD(YHVH), and he (a Chosen First Fruit) shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my GOD  (YHVH), and the name of the city of my GOD (YHVH), which is "New Jerusalem", which cometh down out of heaven (clouds) from my GOD (YHVH): and I will write upon him my new name.

Revelation 1:7 (Mark 13:26)
Behold, he
(Messiah) cometh in the clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they, also, which pierced  (pricked) him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Awmane (Verily).

Additional Note: The probability of the final outcome of these various computations being off by plus or minus even a decade is extremely unlikely, because naturally occurring random variations over a period of six or more millenniums would effectively cancel out all but a few years at most.

* Scripture and secular sources agree that Solomon's Temple was completed in about 1000 BCE; which, as we have already shown, was in 2900 A.M. or 3,000 years since "Adam" (physically perfected and self-aware man) was formed.

Note: I am not going to tell any of you that Adam was formed by natural mans concept of "Evolution," but I will say, that Only "During The Physical Creation Process" was mankind genetically pre-designed by YHVH to "Quickly Adapt to, Grow with, and remain in harmony with" his environment (Like a newborn or child). As mankind aged, mans ability to adapt and grow was rapidly reduced in an apparent direct proportion to his dwindling life span. Once mankind reached Abraham's generation this physical ability to adapt and grow had nearly ceased in much the same way as a child does when physically mature; and just like a physically mature young adult, it is at this point that Spiritual maturity begins. This, my friends, is just another one of The Eternal's many physical to Spiritual parallels.

The Jerusalem Timeline.

Note: Add 100 years to the Anno Mundi years to see the total years since The First Adam was formed.

1000 BCE - (2900 A.M.) - King Solomon builds The First Temple.
626 BCE - (3274 A.M.) - King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon utterly destroys Solomon's Temple and Jerusalem, and carries away all of their treasures.

We can now calculate that
374 years elapsed from Solomon's Temple being built until it was completely destroyed. This means that Solomon's First Temple was built in 1000 BCE(626 BCE plus 374 years equals 1000 BCE), which now mathematically equates or associates1000 BCE with 2900 A.M. and 3000 years since Adam was formed.

Working chronologically forward from 1000 BCE to 1 AD equals 1000 years, because there is no zero A.D. or zero BCE.

1000 years added to 3,000 years since Adam was formed equals 4000 total years since Adam was formed, and 1A.D. occurred.

Now all we need to do is take 6,000 years
(Six Millennium total years) and subtract 4,000 (years since Adam was formed during the First Sabbath Millennium), and arrive at or near 2000AD for "The Sacred Sabbath Millennium." However, just exactly like The Sacred Seventh Annual Month, The Sacred Sabbath Millennium will begin with The Millennial "Yom Teruah" (Blowing of Horns, Trumpets, and Shofars); Including The Last Seven Shofars or Trumps. And this is where "We" are today !

1Thessalonians 4:16
For the Master (Messiah) himself shall descend from heaven (The Clouds) with a shout, with the voice of the Great Messenger, and with the (Last) trump of YHVH: and the dead in Messiah shall rise(from the grave) first: (then the living)

One more thought, before I elaborate on The Sukkot possibilities; IF you are Scripturally aware, then you will remember that Messiah was reported to have said, that he would raise up his Temple in Three Days. Since Messiah's Temple is a Spiritual body that incorporates not only his personal flesh, but also, The Combined Congregations of The True Assembly of YHVH  (The Bride aka New Jerusalem). Then he must have been making a dual prophecy of not only  his own resurrection, but also, "The New Temple" of "True Believers" at his return to establish "YHVH's Kingdom On Earth" ("Paradise"). Why? Because one day is as a thousand years does not strictly refer to "One Day" being equal to a "Millennium" (even though it is), but also, as in being "Parallel To" OR a "Mirror of" one another. We can now see that Messiah was, also, referring to the replacement of The First Temple  (Solomon's Temple) with the "New Jerusalem" (The Precious Stone not cut by human hands), after an additional 3 Millenniums(Symbolic Days). In other words, the first three thousand years culminated in Solomon's physical temple of YHVH, and the following three thousand years will culminate in the Spiritual Temple of YHVH.  Awesome !

Revelation 3:12
Him that overcometh (unrighteousness) will I make a pillar in the temple of my GOD(YHVH), and he (a Chosen First Fruit) shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of YHVH (Elohim), and the name of the city of my GOD (YHVH), which is "New Jerusalem", which cometh down out of heaven (clouds) from my GOD (YHVH): and I will write upon him my new name.

Mark 14:58
We heard him say, I
(Messiah) will destroy this temple (Herod's Solomon's Temple - Being reconstructed is irrelevant) that is made with hands (physical), and within(meaning inside of or no more than) three days(3000 years) I (Messiah) will build another (New Jerusalem) madewithout hands (Spiritual).


* SO if we are to believe that The Eternal uses parallel principles  based on cycles of seven, and phases of dark preceding light; that the two Adam's will parallel one another; that the two seven thousand year millenniums will parallel(mirror) one another; and that Methuselah didn't just happen to die of natural causes in the year of  The Great Flood; then we can only come to one Logical and Spiritual conclusion: 2000 A.D. plus or minus very little.


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