A Shamar Briyth Believer's Doctrine

Repentance is an attitude, personality or character change brought about by the conviction in our minds by The Holy Spirit or Holy Pneuma of YHVH that causes sinners to reject "Self". Thereby shifting their life's focus from being Self-centered to being YHVH-centered.

True Repentance from the Sin of "Self" and towards the "Selfless" Righteousness of YHVH (The Creator) will result in True Faith in the ministry of Yahshua (The Messiah) and Yahweh, and a life sanctified by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Repentance entails an awareness of our personal sinfulness and a resulting disgust for it. Repentance involves coming to the knowledge of "Good and Evil" and the rejecting of evil for the good of seeking righteousness.


Acts 2:38 ; Romans 2:4 ; 10:17 ; 12:2 ; 2_Timothy 2:25 ; 2_Corinthians 7:9-11 ; Matthew 3:8



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