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Sanctification is the condition or state of "Seeking Righteousness" imparted to a repentent sinner, who has since received "Spiritual Understanding" through the Power of the indwelling Holy Spirit (Mind or Pneuma of God); which is characterized by Spiritual Growth according to the "Spirit of the Law of Faith," which is Obedience by intent through Love to all of the Commandments of Yahweh. Therefore, this repentent sinner has become a "Righteous True Believer," and has gained favor (Grace) in the eyes of Yahweh; not because he or she is Perfect in Righteousness, but because he or she diligently seeks to become Perfect in Righteousness. Righteousness is "The Intent" of their Heart.

Sanctification is only made possible by Grace (YHWH's Favor), through an active Belief and Faith in the teachings of Messiah Yahshua our High Priest, Elder Brother, and Sacrificial example as a Selfless Sacrifice for sin.

Please Note: "Righteousness" cannot be earned. Righteousness is a gift of love bestowned upon "True Believers" by Yahveh, according to the authority given to Messiah Y;shua. However, "Seeking Righteousness" MUST be the "Spiritual Desire" AND "Intent" of our Heart.

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