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While no single photo is proof of pagan worship or Babylonian idolatry by "The Universal Roman Church" or any of her "Daughter Religions." Each photo is evidence, that when taken collectively, points to a level of "Christopaganism" that cannot be ignored. This is especially true "In Light" of the messages on this website.

REVELATION 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written,

It was forced ecumenical blending of the
pagan religions of the conquered pagan nations by pagan Roman conquests, that blurred the lines of distinction between the pagan gods and goddesses. Ultimately over time, Roman Rule forced all conquered nations to conform to their lifestyle and beliefs. All except that is for The True Jewish Faith of Messiah Yahshua. This True Jewish Faith (NOT Christianity) was so popular that it threatened complete Roman domination, and therefore had to be eliminated by death. However, even death couldn't quell True Faith completely, and so The Roman Hierarchy pretended to embrace this True Faith, and through infiltration, murder, and political domination took control. This control gave power and judgement to uninspired (pagan) greedy men who created Christianity, and in the name of their Christian Jesus (Ihsous or IHS) went about trying to conquer all pagan and Islamic nations in their quest for complete dominance. Meanwhile the nameless "True Faith" was hidden but thriving in the hearts and minds of Yahweh's Called Out and Chosen Few.

Do NOT assume that Roman Rule ended with the death of The Roman Government. Roman Rule is alive and in power today under a New Guise, which is currently in the process of becoming a
universal "New World Order."

Madonna 1
Madonna 2
Madonna 3
Madonna 4
Madonna 5
Madonna 6
Ishtar (Easter)
Queen 1
Queen 2
Queen 3
Dagon Priest
Mithra 1
Mithra 1
Mithra 2
Mithra 3
Atlas (Mithra)
Coin 1
Coin 2
Coin 3
Ishtar Gateway
Roman Crross
Swastika 1
 Swastika 2

All false religions of this world are the result of corruption of the original True Faith, which was known and practiced from Adam through Noah, and Abraham to Messiah; It is for this reason that ALL "Religions Practices" will be a corrupted and pagan version of "The True Faith" based on a Spiritually short sighted and physically oriented perspective of Truth, that has been further corrupted by thousands of years of man made oral traditions.

The Hindu Connection with Christianity

Brahma, the pagan Hindu Trinity
Hindu Trinity
Hindu Trinity
Ganesha Ganapati
Ganesha Ganapati
Shiva, The destroyer of evil.
Vishnu, The Preserver (Holy Spirit equivalent).
Hanuman the Monkey Saint
Christopagan Hinduism
Hindu Christopaganism
Hinduism and Christianity
Pagan Shrine
India Tour 2005

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